Become a business sponsor for DINNødhjælp

By becoming a DINNødhjælp corporate sponsor, your company contribute to securing a brighter future for the vulnerable witch children in Nigeria.

Your benefits as DINNødhjælp sponsor

If you as a company want to become an official sponsor by contributing a fixed minimum amount of $238/ £201/ DKK1500 per month through a standing order/direct debit. DINNødhjælp will display your company logo on our website as a token of appreciation. We advertise our sponsors through our newsletters which comes out once a month.

We really appreciate all the support we get and appreciate a credible and solid cooperation.

We would like to support, how can we proceed?

If you are touched by the stories on this site and think that the world will be a better place when we are helping each other, then join us and help us make a difference. Let us push things in the right direction together!

To become one of DINNødhjælp’s official sponsors, please contact:

DINNødhjælp is cooperating with supporting companies through various sale campaigns 


If you would like further information about making a sales campaign in collaboration with DINNødhjælp, please send an email to: 

Sales Campaign for DINNødhjælp

A sales campaign is designed in collaboration with DINNødhjælp, where you as an enterprise have the opportunity to brand the company through DINNødhjælp’s platform on social media for an agreed period of time. You must sell one or more products for which DINNødhjælp receives x – amount of percentages / DKK of sales / profits during the agreed period.


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