HOPE, where there’s love, there’s life

I’ve seen a lot here in Nigeria through the last 3 years. I’ve spared you for a lot of experiences about out rescue missions. Thousands of children get accused of being a witch, and we’ve seen both frightened, tortured and even dead children. These pictures show why I fight. Why I’ve sold everything I own. Why I move to shaky ground. Why this documentary is so important for DINNoedhjaelps work, so that we can make the leaders of the world hear us, and get focus on this superstition in Nigeria.

I hope that all of you will be watching, when “Anja’s Africa” will be televised later this year.

Januar 30. We found this boy, I chose to call him HOPE, because right now, we’re all hoping that he survives. He’s hospitalized. Already after 2 days, Hope’s condition is stable. He’s eating and he’s reacting positively to the medication that he gets.

Today, February 2., he’ had enough energy to sit up and smile at us. He is a strong little boy. To see him sit and play with my own son is without a doubt the biggest experience of my life! I simply don’t know how to express it with words. This is what makes life so beautiful and precious. This is why, I will let these photos speak for themselves:

In only 2 days, DINNoedhjaelp has received 1 million Danish kroner, to help little Hope!! Let me repeat that 1 million Danish kroner (equivalent to almost 150.000$) was donated to DINNoedhjaelp in only 2 days!!! I am beside myself. I am so grateful and touched by all of that love, caring and enormous support that flows, here, to Nigeria, all the way from Denmark! I will as long as I live, thank you all every single day! I will simply NEVER forget this! With all of that money, besides giving Hope the best treatment now, we can also build a doctor’s clinic on the new land, and save a lot more children, from a life in torture! This is simply put, SO big! The new doctor’s clinic will be called “HOPE CLINIC – DONATED BY DENMARK”. They say that “Thanks” is such a poor word, but to me it means life! And to all of those people out there, who disagrees, today we can stand united and show the whole world that loving your neighbor, still exists in Denmark!

Hope og David Jr

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