Debate day and Hope’s airplane ride

By 23/04/2018Nyt fra Nigeria
Hope hearing aid

Yesterday was debate day. Every month the Education departement at “Land of Hope” arrange a debate for the children with a different topic each time.

Having a debate helps the children to have confidence in public speaking. It gives them a chance to express their opinions and views about important topics.
A debate also teaches the children about research skills, and improves their logical thinking.

After watching the childrens debate yesterday Hope also wanted to express his own points and views 😀🙌🏾

Last month Hope travelled by plane with our nurse and one other staff member to the north. He was examined for his hearing at the International Ear Center in Nigeria. The tests showed that Hope needs hearing aid, so speciel hearing aid were made for him.

After Hope came back from the Ear Center he was more interested in telling us about his first experience of flying in the skies ☁️🌤✈️😂

Love from Anja <3

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