Hope, 2 years later

By 16/03/2018Nyt fra Nigeria

On January 30th 2016 David and I together with our team went on a rescue mission that would change our lives forever.

On the 31st of January 2016, we showed pictures of the little boy we had rescued the day before.

We named him Hope.

He survived.

Today I want to celebrate Hope. I want to celebrate the persons responsible for his survival. His outstanding recovery. The persons who made him become a healthy, strong, naughty, intelligent and happy student: Rose Efiok, David Emmanuel Umem, Nsidibe Orok, Don Udowan, Edidiong Inyang, Ekemini Jacobs, Kingsley Umem, Bassey Antia, David Antia, Shedrach Esin, Asuquo Ita Asuquo, Matilda Udo, Ekuyik Andrew, Patience Uko and all our children

These 40 pictures show the incredible transformation of Hope from the day of the rescue to today. Words are not enough. The pictures will, one by one, tell his story

Love from Anja

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