DINNødhjælp vision, mission og værdier

Vision and mission

DINNødhjælp’s vision is to create a safe childhood for all Nigerian children, eliminating all the superstitions and engage in the development of Nigeria.

DINNødhjælp’s mission is to help African witch children to gain a sustainable life with the same human rights as you and me. Children must receive care, medical treatment as needed, Nutrition/lodging and education which enables a stable life for the children so they can become viable in the society.

Donations for DINNødhjælp helps to ensure a future for these children and fight the superstition that initially cause the children harm. Therefore, our mission is also to inform and educate locals and thus develop the local community.


DINNødhjælp believes that all children have the right to nutrition and education and to live a dignified life. Our values consist of exhibiting sheer compassion, care and love for those who need it, which creates a safe atmosphere.

DINNødhjælp also believe that we as a NGO have a responsibility for education and dissemination of both knowledge of the Nigerian issues like superstition but also education of the local communities in which we operate as well as education of the children we take under our wings.

We have a responsibility to show transparency of our budget to our donors to show how their donations are used for the projects.

Particularly, we have a responsibility to the children and thus the community by showing that we are present, follow our projects through to completion, but also that we hold them accountable for educating and developing themselves and make the community a safe environment for children.