As most of you know DINNødhjælp/ACAEDF bought a very big piece of land here in Nigeria last year where we currently are building a new Childrens Center in collaboration with Engineers Without Borders Denmark.
“Land of Hope” is the name of our new land which is also written above our main gate.
The last update I made from the building sight was on the 9 of August where the progress was going fast. Foundations of the buildings was being created and some buildings were already taking shape and form.
And now we are almost there !!! :-D Very soon 10 buildings will stand tall and create our “Land of Hope” and those buildings are:
1. Girls hostel
2. Boys hostel
3. Office building
4. Security/generator house
5. Kitchen building
6. Health Clinic
7. Vocational and Entrepreneur building
8. Library
9. Parliamentary Hall
10. Volonteer house
Our Vocational and Entrepreneur building will house different skill acquisition like musical laboratory for learning musical instruments and music. An ICT-Center for computer training which is very rare in the environment in which we operate. Hair making/fashion design, hand craft/fine, paint gallery and baking/catering.
These are the varieties of department and skills that the building will be used for. This is basically to duly equip our children for better productivity and proper integration into the society. All our children and many more kids will have access.
Education provides the children with knowledge about the world. It paves the way for a good career. It helps build character. It leads to enlightenment. It lays the foundation of a stronger nation. And the Vocational and Entrepreneur building will play a very important role in our advocacy work.
“Land of Hope” will be the future land for the vulnerable children in Nigeria. A land of hope for a brighter future ❤️
A big thanks to all our hardworking workers, my soulmate David Emmanuel Umem, our one and only Engineer without borders Idong Akwang, our most humble CDO Nsidibe Orok, the best teacher in Nigeria Don Udowan, our finance expert Ekemini Jacobs, the best architect in the world Martin Maribo, the most courageous Danish workers “Kemmbeln” Martin Nilsson “Kungkube” Emil Aller “Mmongatn” René and everyone else involved in our project. Without you guys there would be no hope for the children. You are SO amazing and I look forward to see my home again when it´s all done ❤️ And when that time comes I will make a final update with the final result and post all the hundreds of pictures I have from when we started back in february until now and see the amazing transformation.
Love from Anja ❤️


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